Asian-inspired craft beers brewed in California

Encina Farms

Environmentally friendly farming of highest quality Iberico pork, raised in California

Folksy Hard Kombucha

Organic Ingredients. Feel-Good Probiotics. Naturally Gluten-Free.

Ikenga Wines

Exploring new perspectives of ancient tropical wines

Indigenous Edibles

Rediscovery of Ancient Native Foodways and Health

Just Date

Nutrient-dense sweeteners from real fruit

Kuli Kuli

Sustainable superfood snacks with naturally energizing moringa

Lockewood Acres

Olive oil, shrubs and jelly, from a farm in Vacaville

Philosopher Foods

Stone-ground coconut and almond butters, plus chocolate versions, nourishing people and planet

Progeny Coffee

Small batch coffee improving the livelihood of Columbian farmer families


Bubbly Probiotics and Wellness Teas botanical herbs and spices

Vegan Mob

Nutritious and healthy food with plant-based ingredients, founded by rapper-turned-restaurateur

Wholesome Bakery

Health-minded bakery for gluten-, dairy-, egg- & soy-free pastries

Wild Plum Cafe

Locally sourced handcrafted comfort food with a healthy twist


Purity verified food in every delicious bite