Farm Fest: the presenting entrepreneurs

February 25, 2012 – Tara Firma Farms in Petaluma

If you’re interested to follow up with any of the presenters, please follow the link to their website.

Slow Money intro by Woody Tasch Tara Smith of Tara Firma Farms
MC Louis Brouillet
Slow Money Northern Cal
Deacon Carpenter
Daily Veda
Merrilee Olson
CAM Foodworks
Michael Paik
People’s Harvest
Dafna Kory
Constance Washburn
Marin Ag Land Trust
Rebecca Burgess
Amy Chesnut
Sonoma Land Trust
Kelley Rajala
Share Exchange
Vivien Straus
Sonoma Marin Cheese Trail
Richard Robinson
Sonoma Organics
Scott Collier introduces the presenters Marco Vangelisti explains
the NorCal SOIL Network
Arno Hesse introduces
Credibles crowdfunding