Resilience for our Food Sources
around Monterey Bay

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Community Lifelines for Farmers, Stores, Restaurants, Provisions


Monterey Bay Food Bank

The Food Bank for Monterey County is the largest and most comprehensive provider of emergency supplemental food and a key proponent of anti-hunger education and advocacy in our community.
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Food Bank for Monterey County

Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust

The Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust has committed to leading a 5-month marketing campaign to increase consumer demand & appreciation for King salmon and other local, sustainable seafood. The campaign will feature stories about Monterey Bay fishermen, CSFs, markets, grocery stores, restaurants & wholesalers - making it easy for consumers to find local, sustainable seafood. We’ll begin the campaign with a focus on promoting King Salmon landed by vessels based in Monterey, Moss Landing & Santa Cruz Harbor.
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Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust

California Farmlink Investment Notes

Working with independent and immigrant farmers and ranchers on business skills, financing and land tenure.
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California Farmlink

Savor The Local

Savor the Local is a true farm to table delivery service. Working with restaurants and the public to create a real connection with farmers and Ranchers, chefs and food artisans. Colleen is making some amazing CSA boxes filled with produce as well as pantry items and staples.
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Ocean2taable Delivers incredibly fresh(you can actually taste the ocean) sustainably harvested seafood. Servicing San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties. They are now partnering with local food artisans, farmers and chefs to bring you amazing food boxes.
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Wild Fish Restaurant

100% Local and Organic Fish & Seafood Restaurant. Every thing is seasonal and all our food is made from scratch, making us a leading restaurant on the coast. Unfortunately the restaurant cannot cope with the current closure due to the COVID-19 precautions.
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Honey Blossom Retreat Garden

Small nursery business located in Del Rey Oaks, California, dedicated to producing organic vegetable, herb and medicinal plant starts for our local community. We offer our nursery stock exclusively in cow manure pots or in root pouches made of recycled plastic fibers, two of the most environmentally-friendly containers available on the market.
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Credibles | Slow Money Monterey Bay

The Wild Plum Cafe

Organic Urban Eatery Creating Community through Food in Monterey, CA. A cafe, espresso bar and bakery serving organic, local, handcrafted food. To keep the doors open and the staff employed, the kitchen will upgrades and real changes.
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