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Ad Astra Bread Co.

Ad Astra Bread Co is a small, family-owned, start-up bakery in Seaside, California. We opened in October of 2019, and are grateful to have found ourselves well-received within our community and beyond. We focus on long fermented, naturally leavened sourdough breads.
Food Access
Ad Astra Bread Co.

CAFF California Family Farmer Emergency Fund

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, farmers from across the state, particularly farmers of color and those from immigrant communities, must weather an economic storm that many are unprepared for. Our emergency fund will directly support family farmers–anchors of our local food systems–to help ensure they make it through this crisis.
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Community Alliance with Family Farmers

California Farmlink Investment Notes

Enable all investors to generate loan funds for its nonprofit, mission-based lending for organic and sustainable farmers' operating costs, land and equipment purchases, and conservation practices.
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California Farmlink

California Farmlink Investment Notes

Working with independent and immigrant farmers and ranchers on business skills, financing and land tenure.
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California Farmlink

COLORS Oakland

COLORS offers training for mobility for low wage workers while providing great food and service, in an upscale social impact restaurant in Oakland, managed by known chef Daniel Patterson,
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Restaurant Opportunities Centers

CUESA Farmers Market Support

Help us provide essential lifelines between local farms and families in this time of great need. Your tax-deductible donation directly supports CUESA's farmers markets and programs, which serve thousands of Bay Area residents and more than 140 local farms and small food businesses.
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Encina Farms

Environmentally friendly farming of highest quality Iberico pork, raised in California

Folksy Hard Kombucha

Organic Ingredients. Feel-Good Probiotics. Naturally Gluten-Free.

Honey Blossom Retreat Garden

Small nursery business located in Del Rey Oaks, California, dedicated to producing organic vegetable, herb and medicinal plant starts for our local community. We offer our nursery stock exclusively in cow manure pots or in root pouches made of recycled plastic fibers, two of the most environmentally-friendly containers available on the market.
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Credibles | Slow Money Monterey Bay

Honey Blossom Retreat Garden

Honey Blossom Retreat Garden seeks to expand the potential of small-scale regenerative agriculture as an educational space for community-based farm tourism. We are devoted to serving our local community, growing and offering an inspirational environment for transformation and soulful restoration.
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Honey Blossom Retreat Garden, LLC

ICA Rapid Response Liquidity Fund

Providing zero-interest loans, to address the immediate liquidity crisis faced by many of our companies. Addressing the gap between what our companies need now, and government subsidies and other relief funds that may become available, so that as few people as possible lose their jobs and financial stability.
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ICA Fund Good Jobs